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Stiletto approaches each problem from a practical application view, so that the client can be sure that his specific problem will be solved in an effective manner. If necessary, each problem can be simulated in our factory. These tests always provide more security than any theoretical approach. Stiletto designs on client specifications. Adjustment in accordance with the individual demands of the client are feasible in almost any situation.

The vibration-technological construction that Stiletto supplies are:

Transport chutes: for transport from A to B, possibly with sieve construction, quality monitoring, orientation, heating, cooling or spreading.

Dosing chutes: for dosing products from, for instance, a silo.

Vibration tables: mainly for subsidence in bulk packaging so that more of a product fits in the same package, or to vibrate the air out of molds.

Spiral feed: for correct positioning of products and/or placing them in line

Transport pipes: for transport from A to B in a closed environment

Oblique chutes: for transport from A to B with spreading of the product or changing the transport direction.

Positioning your product?

We position your product during the production phase with our ingenious vibrating machines.

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