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An electromagnetic vibrator is a unit that makes a transport chute, transport pipe, vibrating table or a spiral feed vibrate. Vibrators are connected to the electricity network through a control box. With the control box, the voltage that determines the vibration amplitude can be varied. The vibration amplitude determines the transport speed, click here for more information.

Transport chutes
Transport from A to B, possibly with a sieve structure, quality monitoring, orientation, heating, cooling or dispersion, click here for more information

Dosing chutes
For dosing products from, for instance, a silo, click here for more information

Vibrating tables
For subsidence of bulk containers allowing for more of the product to fit in one package and for vibrating the air out of molds, click here for more information

Spiral feed
For  correct dosing and positioning of products and/or putting them in line, click here for more information

Transport pipes
For transport from A to B in a closed environment, click here for more information

Stiletto has three types of tuning in the range: ST type (standard regime), STS type (with sensor) and the FQ1-DIG- types (frequency stabilising system),
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Positioning your product?

We position your product during the production phase with our ingenious vibrating machines.

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