The vibration width, capacity or product flow of the electromagnetic vibrators can be infinitely controlled with a controller by means of a potentiometer or an analogue input 0-10 V or 0-20 mA. This also stabilizes the output of power to the vibrator in order to absorb fluctuations in the electricity so that the set vibration width, capacity or product flow remains constant. 

It is also possible to mount a vibration width sensor. This keeps the actual set vibration width, capacity or product flow constant, for instance when a vibration table is loaded, in case of slight fouling of the product in the transport chute or pipe or when the silo pressure decreases.
When the entered frequency fluctuates, it can be stabilised at 50Hz. This is particularly useful when one generates the voltage himself.

With direct power, unlike with imbalance motors, resonances do not occur when turning on and off. This can be of great importance when it comes to dosing, weighing or administering products.

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