Electromagnetic Vibrators

An electromagnetic vibrator is a unit that is meant to make a transport chute, a transport pipe, a vibrating table or a spiral feed vibrate. Vibrators are connected to the electricity network through a control box. With the control box, the voltage that determines the vibration amplitude can be varied. The vibration amplitude determines the transport speed.

Normally speaking, the vibrators are made for a voltage of 230V or 400V by 50 Hz, but provision for other voltages and frequencies is possible without extra cost. The type of vibrator (VR) is selected for the weight of the transport chute, transport pipe, vibrating table or spiral feed that is to vibrate.

Advantages of electromagnetic vibrators:

    * No wear of the vibrator because there no rotating parts,
       thus little or no maintenance

    * Dependable and reliable
    * In accordance with EC directives
    * ATEX suitable for hazardous areas (optional)

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