Even distribution with oblique chute, Producent

Solution: transport A-B

Branch: food

Company: Producent

Even distribution with oblique chute.

Before the vegetables are packaged, they are checked for impurities to ensure good quality. The check is done manually. For this, it is important that the vegetables lay in a thin layer, so that any possible impurities are visible.

Stiletto came up with an installation that makes sure that the vegetables pass the controller dosed and in a thin layer (see diagram).
The vegetables are transported via a transport chute (1) that divides the vegetables over two oblique chutes (2). The oblique chute distributes the vegetables on a conveyor belt (3) in a thin layer, and the belt passed a controller.

Due to the use of the oblique shoot, the vegetables are evenly distributed on the conveyor belt in a thin layer, so that checking the vegetables is easy.


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