Dosing soap powder, Producent

Solution: transport A-B

Branch: food

Company: Producent

Dosing soap powder.

A soap manufacturer of Dutch origin has been making soap, soap powders and dishwasher tablets for many years. Due to the growing demand for these tablets, it became necessary to build a whole new weighing-, mixing- and filling line in order to be able to significantly increase the production capacity.
For this purpose, the soap manufacturer asked an engineering firm to come up with a solution. In turn, the engineering firm asked Stiletto Vibration Technology to take care of the horizontal transport and the dosing. 

The various powders that are to form a mixture together, are supplied in a big-bag (1, see diagram). Each powder is placed in its own provision silo (2), and is then dosed to a weighing-station (4) by means of a Stiletto transport pipe (3). A certain amount of powder is weighed, and then the dosing stops. Under the weighing-station, there’s a transport chute (5) that unloads the weighing station and transports the powder in a tray elevator (6). The transport pipes and chutes are connected to the silo, the weighing station and the tray elevator by means of flexible cuffs for  dust-tight transport.

The transport pipes that have been placed underneath the provision silo provide options for the desired transportation direction. In the normal production, the pipe will lead to the weighing-station. If the composition is to be changed, the remainder of powder in the provision silo is put back into a big-bag (7) to be stored. In order to do this, a relay is used to change the transport direction of the pipe and the powder is transported from the silo to a big-bag.

Externally, all the equipment is suitable for an ATEX 22 zone at least, and internally for an ATEX 21 zone. The ATEX directive applies to all areas with a potential explosion hazard. By using closed transport pipes and chutes, dust-tight transport is made possible. The covers of the pipes are on hinges, and there are no internal constructions present so cleaning is easy. By use of vibration transport, no damage occurs to products.

The total installation, Stiletto equipment in red.

The transport pipe (3) with transport in two directions


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