Hanging supply flower tubes, Importer and wholesaler

Solution: positioning

Branch: verpakkingsindustrie

Company: Importer and wholesaler

Hanging supply flower tubes

An importer and wholesaler of succulents supplies an important range of ‘Bamboo Sticks’ that is delivered worldwide. Due to the increasing demand and the need to supply outlets with the plants as quickly as possible, the importer wanted to speed up the packaging process significantly.
The bamboo is imported from China and is given a few days to acclimatize in the importers’ greenhouses. Subsequently, the plant is packaged for shipping: the slips are cut off and placed in a vase with water and a price-tag, and are placed in a sales-tray. This process was entirely manual.

An engineering firm is asked to mechanize process, and the engineering firm commissions Stiletto Vibration Technology to come up with a solution for the automatic supply of vases. This cooperation lead to a redundant packaging machine where one operator works at each packaging section. The vast is brought in in the right direction by means of a vibration barrel. The machine fills it with water, adds the bamboo, labels the plant and places it in the sales-tray.
The importer: ‘The mechanization has quadrupled the packaging speed. At the same time, we need less manpower and we can manufacture many more hours a day. The production has become much more flexible, and thus we can easily adapt to fluctuations in demand. The cooperation with the engineering firm and Stiletto, in which we saw our needs translated into this machine, was particularly pleasant. Thanks to fine-tuning, I expect that we will be able to increase the capacity with an extra twenty to twenty-five percent.’

The packaging unit of the engineering firm and Stiletto was entirely developed and built in the Netherlands.


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