No more bridging in Silo's, Hoogheemraadschap

Solution: transport A-B

Branch: food

Company: Hoogheemraadschap

Hoogheemraadschjap hollandskwartier
In the silt-drying installation in Beverwijk, the waste silt is dried into small particles, which in turn is used as fuel for the cement industry. This silo is used to fill a fluidised bed drier after a standstill or after having been emptied in order to meet the starting conditions. Using a compressor, the granulate is blown from the silo to the drier and within notable time, it is filled to the right level.

“ Bridging occurred in the silo. We solved this problem by banging on the side of the silo with a hammer in order to bring movement to the product. Sometimes we climbed on top of the silo. This caused dangerous situations. Thanks to a vibrator from Stiletto, this problem has been solved. Now it doesn’t need any looking after, we can just let it run.”

- Martijn de Kloe, Technical staff management Water chain


  • The Silt-drying installation (SDI) has a silo that holds about 1000 litres of granulate (dried silt). During the emptying of this silo, a hole appeared in the product mass. This hole was  a column from the top to the end of the silo. Because of this, no more product exit the silo.
  • The personnel would bang on the oblique silo-wall with a nylon hammer or climb onto the top of the silo with a prod in order to get the product moving again.
  • This caused a lot of damage to the silo-wall.


  • Stiletto suggested placing an electromagnetic vibrator on the oblique silo-wall in order to keep the product moving. 
  • For this, we made a sketch of fitting-strips for the vibrator and reinforcement plate for on the silo-wall.
  • SDI produced the fitting strips and the plate and welded them onto the silo. The position for these was determined by Stiletto.
  • We sent the vibrator and the control-box to them and they attached these to the silo.
  • One of our mechanics paid them a visit to tune and adjust the whole construction.


  • The product now continues to move without delay. 
  • Nobody needs to stand by in order to keep the movement going.
  • The silo-wall is no longer damaged.
  • No more irritation from the staff due to the product that has stopped moving again.
  • No more dangerous climbing actions.



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